Whites Powersports

A long standing B2B company with multiple sites in two countries. Fast growing and in need of optimisation and process improvement across its multifaceted and increasingly complex business operations.

  • Innovation Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Pick, Pack and Dispatch Optimisation
  • Purchasing Optimisation
  • Supplier Contract Improvement’s
  • Freight and Logistics Automation
  • WMS Integration
  • Barcode Scanner Development
  • Supplier Integrations
  • Customer Integrations
  • B2B Ecommerce Strategy
  • Third Party ERP Integrations
  • Recruitment
  • Greenfield Warehouse Design
  • End to End Operational planning and implementation

After a decade of exponential growth coupled with several acquisitions, we realised that we had not put enough focus and resource on creating efficiencies within the business. More business equalled more warehouses, more infrastructure and more headcount, but less efficiency. Mio was recommended to us as an organisation with experience in rationalising process and procedure, and it became immediately obvious that this was a company that could transform areas of our business. These improvements have included physical layout and infrastructure, technology, and procedural enhancements.

Mio’s real-world experience, coupled with a hands-on can-do attitude has stripped out a lot of unnecessary workload and duplication in our business, allowing us to manage the next stage of growth in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Kyne Larkin – CEO, Whites Powersports

Three Peaks Manuka Honey

A newly founded company that required innovative, measurable and visible components within setup of its supply chain.

  • Detailed Product Specifications
  • Offshore Factory Sourcing
  • Offshore Factory QA
  • Offshore Production
  • New Zealand Production Planning and Continual Optimisation
  • 3PL Supplier Engagements
  • Offshore Market Entry Requirements and Associated Planning

The systemisation of our complex supply chain and logistics management by Mio was of immense benefit to optimising the export of our premium Manuka honey products.

Peter Botting – CEO, Three Peaks Manuka Honey

Game Kings

A new and fast growing online B2C business, with a focus on customer delivery and excellence.

  • Warehouse Planning and Implementation
  • Pick, Pack and Dispatch Flow with Continual Optimisation
  • Offshore Factory Sourcing
  • Offshore Factory QA


A tech startup based at Innovation Park in Hamilton. Cutting edge IIOT and Satellite communications. Global environmental monitoring, coupled with an expansive, flexible and massively scalable data platform.

  • End to end supply chain review
  • Manufacturing / Assembly
  • Post-Sale process capture and transfer
  • Project management

As ModuSense navigated the path through industry trials, small volume production and then finally large volume production, Mio has been able to step in and smooth the process.  From logistics and internal systems through to people and process; Mio has helped transform the business to meet critical strategic goals.

Bruce Trevarthen – CEO, ModuSense Limited